Admission to the Chapel Nightclub and Vestry Bar is subject to a dress code. Unless otherwise specified for an event our dress code is `Smart Casual" so think in terms of "No effort = No entry" and you will not go far wrong.

Exceptions are made for genuine themes/fancy dress but "clean, tidy and decent" still apply.


In accordance with licensing law the venue has the right to refuse admission without providing a reason. If you have consumed alcohol prior to arrival & appear to be in an intoxicated state or behave inappropriately in the queue or in view of the venue staff you may be refused entry without a refund.
Crowd surfing and the throwing of drinks are strictly prohibited in the venue and those who do this will be ejected without a refund. In line with licensing law the venue has the right to refuse admission to any patron without providing a reason.


No professional cameras (with large or detachable lenses). Should you be found to have these on arrival you will be asked to either take them back to somewhere safe or be asked to deposit them in the cloakroom.
Small compact cameras are allowed unless specified on the day of the show.
For the satisfaction of other customer’s iPads and/or tablet devices are not permitted to photograph or film during any performances. Customers who persist may be asked to leave the venue.


We are keen to promote equality of opportunity for people with disabilities and where possible have taken the necessary steps to meet customer’s requirements. Both The Chapel Nightclub and The Vestry Bar are accessible and wheelchair friendly, however we do not have any parking or viewing platforms as yet. There is also an easily accessible disabled toilet on site.
We do offer one free carers pass per ticket holder, this can be booked directly with the venue. Carer ticket holders should be able to meet the needs and assist the person they are accompanying in the event of an emergency.


No food or beverages should be brought into The Chapel Nightclub or The Vestry Bar; these will be removed on search and confiscated. This includes sweets & chewing gum. Should you require any items for medical reasons please make this known to the security personnel on the front door who will contact the duty manager & medical personnel to discuss this in private.


Please ensure you bring ID to the venue. Anyone who looks to be under the age of 25 years will be challenged to prove his or her age to buy alcohol. The venue operates Challenge 25. We also use a nationally recognised ID Scan machine (GDPR Regulate).

Accepted forms of ID are: Drivers License (full or provisional), or a Passport (valid) or Citizenship Card with the PASS hologram and SIA logo. Any ID found to be fraudulent will be confiscated. Under no circumstances will they be returned once confiscated. They will be handed over to the police.


All customers who look under the age of 25 will be required to provide ID when purchasing alcohol.
If you are under 18 you are committing a criminal offence if you attempt to buy alcohol and you may be ejected without a refund or held until a responsible adult can come and collect you.
People over the age of 18 found purchasing drinks for those not of legal age will be ejected without a refund.
Only acceptable forms of proof are accepted. These are listed in the ID policy.


The Chapel Nightclub takes a zero tolerance policy towards drugs in relation to possession, dealing or using. Random searches will be carried out on entry.


Please be aware that there will be high sound levels during shows and patrons may be subject to continuous sound levels that may cause potential damage to hearing. Earplugs are available on the bar should they be required.
The venue operates a neighbour friendly policy, when leaving the venue please make as little noise as possible.


In line with the law The Chapel Nightclub and The Vestry Bar are non-smoking venues. Smoking is not permitted in any area of the venue. A smoking area will be provided on all events. The location can change depending on the event and capacity but will be clearly signed throughout the venue. Alternatively speak to a member of staff. Those found to be smoking inside the venue are at risk of being ejected without a refund.


Some shows will contain strobe lighting or smoke effects. Should you have any concerns please contact the venue prior to arrival or speak to a member of staff on the night.


Knightwood Leisure trading as the Chapel and Vestry accepts no responsibility for private property whilst on the premises, including accepting any liability should lost property being returned for any reason to someone who is not its owner, eg, if someone makes a false representation to the management or staff of Knightwood Leisure Ltd (trading as The Chapel and The Vestry), of ownership of property.

Property that is left on the premises will be kept for a period of THREE MONTHS, after which it will be disposed of.

For property to be reclaimed, a detailed description of the item(s) and/or proof of ID such as Passport or Drivers Licence.

Whilst every effort will be made to identify the possible owner of lost property, which is likely to involve searching of the item(s), and then contact them Knightwood Leisure Ltd will not return the property to that person unless they provide the details set out in the previous paragraph.

Knightwood Leisure Ltd will not mail, courier or insure during transit any reclaimed property back to the presumed owner unless they send the appropriate fees to cover packing and postage, and any insurance during transit stipulated by the claimant.

All items sent at owner’s risk.
Note that Knightwood Leisure Ltd will NOT automatically arrange insurance during transit. Knightwood Leisure Ltd will only arrange insurance during transit if it is specifically requested in writing at the time of reclaiming found property – and then Knightwood Leisure Ltd will only arrange the insurance that is made available as “standard” by the carrier chosen by Knightwood Leisure Ltd (so, Knightwood Leisure Ltd will not be liable for the suitability of the insurance), and for the value stated in writing by the person claiming the property.

ALL Government Documents will be returned to relevant Departments.